New ASTM Impact Noise Test

Impact Noise Test

On April 3 and 4, 2017 I have attended Toronto meeting of organization called ASTM International . I found the meeting very interesting and educational. This short blog article will bring this important organization to awareness of my clients. I also highlight a new impact noise test.


ASTM International

ASTM International is an organization that facilities the forum for thousands of volunteers to cooperate on writing industry standards. The volunteers are equipment producers, users, consumers, academia, government and others with interest in industry standardization. ASTM International covers many industries and technical fields with documents and standards that are the basis of procurement, management, manufacturing codes and regulations for dozens of industry sectors. ​defines “standard” as: something considered by an authority or by general consent as a basis of comparison; an approved model.

This definition encapsulates what ASTM International does. It acts as an authority and it facilitates general consensus on how things in an industry should be done, it creates an approved model for comparing features and benefits of products and processes.

Committee E33

I am a member of committee E33 – Building and Environmental Acoustics​ . This committee has responsibility for maintenance of 50 existing standards and develops new standards and recommendations in the field of acoustics. E33 is just one of dozens of ASTM committees in various fields.

ASTM committees are responsible for maintaining existing standards. Each standard must be formally reviewed every 5 years. The committees also propose new standards.

New Acoustic Impact Noise Test​

One interesting example from the meeting that I have attended is the proposal to develop a new standard for impact noise measurement and rating. It is well known that the rating “Impact Insulation Class” (IIC) based on the existing standard E492 and E989 correlates poorly with human perception of annoyance of impact noise. A new standard is being developed based on research published in Journal of Acoustical Society of America . This new test procedure and rating of impact noise test has improved correlation with human perception of annoyance by impact noise.

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