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Is the Noise From Neighbours Driving You Bonkers?

Mechanical noise and noise complaints

In a recent National Post article, the journalist Lia Grainger described noise from neighbours and other noise issues that drive tenants and condo owners to the brink.

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Living With Noise In Toronto Condos

questions about condo noise

I have recently received several questions about noise in Toronto condos from condominium owners, or potential condo buyers.  Here are some of the questions that I am quoting verbatim:

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A Neighbour Complains About Your Piano Playing

Complaints about piano playing

I have recently received a call from a client looking for solution to her problem.  She lives in a condo apartment and her neighbour is complaining about piano playing in her apartment.  She already did some soundproofing, but complaints continue.

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Condominium Buyers, Beware of Noise!

Noise causing curtain wall

People looking to buy a condominium apartment expect that the apartment will be quiet and pleasant to enjoy.  They have this expectation about noise especially if the condominium is expensive. Often, they are disappointed.

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Taming noise complaints in Toronto condominiums

Condominium noise complaints

New condominiums are sprouting all over Toronto like giant mushrooms. With “intensification” of residences, more and more people live in close proximity to each other, in many cases literally on top of each other. This creates many noise issues and conflicts among neighbors.

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