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We help homeowners, business owners, contractors, builders, and architects design and execute soundproofing projects, whether soundproofing a home theater, a rec room, a music room, a quiet bedroom, a private office, a mechanical noise problem, or reducing noise from neighbours. We treat our customers like family!

We specialize in soundproofing advice and consulting. Few architects, builders, or contractors have the expertise, experience, or test equipment required to design and implement practical soundproofing construction projects without the advice of an acoustical engineer. 

Do you have a noise control problem or a soundproofing construction project?

Testimonial from 

Liam O'H., Toronto Homeowner

"We had significant noise issues in our basement apartment. Ivan has the theoretical background and the practical building know-how to provide good suggestions to solve your noise problems. He gave us a detailed report showing our reno options and what kind of noise reduction improvements we could expect from each option."

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