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Misleading Acoustical Information

Green Glue & SilentFX

Many people look for solutions to soundproofing problems online, hoping to be able to resolve their problems themselves without hiring an expert. This is often difficult because there are many cases of misleading information published online by soundproofing product manufacturers, for example, Green Glue.

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Soundproofing a door with advice from chatGPT

Soundproof a door

I have asked the AI platform chatGPT, which is recently the rage of the news, this question: How to soundproof a door?  This is the response that I got, verbatim:

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Insulation in walls – is it soundproofing?

Insulation in ceiling

Many clients called me explaining that they have hired a contractor to soundproof their bedroom or basement apartment. The contractor added insulation. However, the result of the renovation was not satisfactory.  The noise was almost as bad as before the renovation.

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