Soundproofing Advice and Construction

We provides these and other services tailored to your needs:

Free no-obligation telephone or email chat with acoustical engineer, P. Eng.

We help customers identify their problem and decide whether or not our help is needed.

Site visit and assessment of soundproofing needs

Our acoustical engineer performs a preliminary site survey and customer needs analysis, and documents it in writing.There is a nominal charge for this consultation, however our contractor will provide free estimate to implement the soundproofing project.

Detailed soundproofing proposal by acoustical engineer

Site-specific soundproofing needs analysis, design and recommendations by experienced acoustic engineer.

Soundproofing review of construction drawings

Our acoustical engineer reviews construction plans and drawings to determine if stated acoustic objectives will be met and make recommendations to meet them

Before and after soundproofing evaluation tests by acoustician

We perform sound transmission loss testing on-site before and after the soundproofing measures are implemented and quantify the level of improvement.

Inspection during construction for soundproofing quality

Implementation of soundproofing measures requires careful construction by soundproofing company. We perform site inspections as necessary to confirm that the construction is of highest quality.


  •    Soundproofing condominiums
  •    Soundproofing townhouses
  •    Soundproofing semi-detached homes
  •    Soundproofing partition (demising) walls
  •    Soundproofing floors
  • Soundproofing ceilings
  • Soundproofing windows
  • Soundproofing doors
  • Speech privacy in offices
  • We maintain website Soundproofing Calculator

If you have a comment or question, or to request a quote for soundproofing construction, or to ask for assistance by our acoustical engineer, click the button below: