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Do Architects Have Ears? Room acoustics.

Room acoustics & architectural acoustics

Judging by the poor acoustic quality of many residential and commercial buildings, it appears that architects and builders do not have ears, or at least they do not care about the quality of room acoustics and architectural acoustics.

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Architectural Acoustics Consultant?! Who is He?

Architectural acoustics consultant for home theatre

An architectural acoustics, or building acoustics consultant, is the specialist who knows soundproofing.  First, let me explain what soundproofing is. The dictionary definition is: "impervious to sound; to cause to be soundproof". I think this definition is somewhat circular.

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Condo Apartment Soundproofing – Is It Feasible?

Condo apartment soundproofing deals with apartment noise

The short answer is yes. Apartment noise is always a concern, but apartment soundproofing is feasible.  However, the success of the soundproofing effort depends on many factors, including your budget. The devil is in the details.

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Office Soundproofing – A Case of Botched Construction

Botched office soundproofing, poor office privacy

Office soundproofing scenario

A client called me to review a nearly completed construction project for a family counseling practice. The facilities had a reception area and three adjacent counseling rooms that required office privacy. The client's building contractor has seemingly followed appropriate office soundproofing methods to ensure office conversation privacy in the counseling rooms. 

Was the office privacy objective achieved?

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Impact Noise Reduction in Five Steps.

Impact noise reduction requires soundproof ceiling

Many factors go into the decision regarding impact noise control. First, you need to clarify your own needs and why you need to soundproof the ceiling. Some questions that you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do you want to accomplish impact noise reduction from the room above?
  • Do you want to reduce impact noise between adjacent rooms?
  • Do you want to quieten the whole house or a specific room?
  • What degree of impact noise reduction or soundproof ceiling do you need?
  • How can it be done once it is clear what you want to accomplish?
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