Architectural Acoustics Consultant?! Who is He?

Architectural acoustics consultant for home theatre

An architectural acoustics, or building acoustics consultant, is the specialist who knows soundproofing.  First, let me explain what soundproofing is. The dictionary definition is: "impervious to sound; to cause to be soundproof". I think this definition is somewhat circular.

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Hushframe Raft attachment – why?

Hushframe resilient clip raft

Sound energy passing through the wall is significantly decreased. When sound (vibrations in the air) impact on one side of the wall, the air pressure variations induce vibration on the wall. 

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Bungled Basement Soundproofing

Recently, a client retained me to review his basement soundproofing job. The job was done by his contractor who was not a specialized soundproofing contractor. As a result, it was bungled.

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Sound Blocking vs. Sound Absorption: What’s the Difference?

Sound absorption is not sound blocking

I often find myself explaining this question to my clients. Many people confuse these two terms, or do not understand their meaning.  Confusing information is also propagated on the Internet, an example is here.

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How to Select a Soundproofing Contractor

Soundproofing Contractor

There is new interest by public in soundproofing.  As more people work from home, they cause more noise during daytime, when other people also working from home can hear it, and be disturbed. Selecting a soundproofing contractor can be difficult.

New awareness of soundproofing

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Is the Noise From Neighbours Driving You Bonkers?

Mechanical noise and noise complaints

In a recent National Post article, the journalist Lia Grainger described noise from neighbours and other noise issues that drive tenants and condo owners to the brink.

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How to Increase Sound Resistance of a Wall

Sound resistance data in NBC

People often ask me how to improve soundproofing of an existing wall, how to increase sound resistance of a wall.  Well, it depends on the assembly of the wall as is.  In this article I will provide numerous examples.

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Objectionable Basketball Noise From a Neighbour

basketball noise

I have recently received a call from a client complaining about noise from a neighbour’s backyard basketball court. He was looking for advice how to reduce the noise. Interestingly, the client’s noise problem is not unusual, as illustrated by this CTV news article.

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Can I Soundproof My Bedroom?

bedroom soundproofing

Yes, you can soundproof your bedroom, but the effort for doing it depends on several factors.

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Speech Privacy For Professional Counsellors

Therapists, professional counselors

There are many counselling service professionals (professional counsellors, therapists) that need speech privacy in their offices (examination rooms):

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