Architectural Acoustics Consultant?! Who is He?

Architectural acoustics consultant for home theatre

An architectural acoustics, or building acoustics consultant, is the specialist who knows soundproofing.  First, let me explain what soundproofing is. The dictionary definition is: "impervious to sound; to cause to be soundproof". I think this definition is somewhat circular.

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Reducing Noise From HVAC System

Unpleasant HVAC noise or heat pump noise

Reducing HVAC noise (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) or heat pump noise can significantly improve comfort levels within a building, particularly in spaces where occupants desire quiet.

This article will address HVAC noise in condo apartments and residential homes.

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Dealing With Elevator Noise In Condo Apartment

Elevator noise can be bothersome

Elevators are part of all multi-residential buildings and condominiums taller than three stories. Dealing with elevator noise in a condominium is a common challenge for condominium residents.

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How Much Mechanical Noise Is Acceptable?

Mechanical noise from roof-top

Condo residents often complain to condo management about mechanical noise, hum, or vibration in their apartments and demand that management take action to fix it.

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The Trouble With Party Wall Soundproofing

Mechanical noise and noise complaints

Party walls, also called demising walls, are essential to any multi-family building.  Party walls provide separation between dwellings.  They must provide fire and noise resistance specified in the Ontario Building Code (OBC). The noise resistance (level of party wall soundproofing) is specified in the OBC as minimum Sound Transmission Class (STC) 50 or, if tested in the completed building, as minimum Apparent Sound Transmission Class (ASTC) 47.  However, this requirement does not apply in Ontario to buildings built before 2012.

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A Dispute Over Sound Attenuation Of Party Wall

Party wall in semidetached house

My recent client owns a semi-detached house, he was renovating it. The renovation was almost completed when I was hired to assess the sound attenuation of the party wall.

The client’s neighbour, on the other side of the party wall, was unhappy with the renovation next door.

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Noise Problems In New Homes

Noise issues in new homes

Recent design trends in modern homes, such as open-concept layouts, large windows, hardwood flooring, glass stair railings, and granite countertops, cause noise problems in new homes. Open concepts have increased noise transmission and reverberation within and outside the homes.

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Confidentiality For Psychology Professionals

Privacy Psychology Offices

Creating a soundproof office is crucial for maintaining confidentiality and providing a quiet atmosphere for psychology professionals. Often the offices were incorrectly designed and soundproofed by inexperienced contractors.

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Acoustical Problems In Wood Buildings

acoustical problems in wood buildings

When requesting my soundproofing consultation, some clients do not know if their buildings are constructed from concrete or wood structures. This may explain why they are surprised when they find a noise problem in their new condo.  Wood buildings “sound” differently from concrete buildings.  Let me explain.

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Is Your Condominium Soundproofing Good Enough?

Condominium soundproofing complaints

Condo buyers and owners need to understand that meeting the NBCC's minimum requirements for condominium soundproofing does not guarantee high soundproofing or noise control between units.

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Mechanical Noise Complaints In Condos

Mechanical noise from roof-top

Condominium managers and property managers often receive complaints from condo residents about noise. Managers must investigate and try to address the complaints.  Mechanical noise issues can arise in any building, but mitigating them in modern wood structures can be more challenging.

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