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How to Increase Sound Resistance of a Wall

Sound resistance data in NBC

People often ask me how to improve soundproofing of an existing wall, how to increase sound resistance of a wall.  Well, it depends on the assembly of the wall as is.  In this article I will provide numerous examples.

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Can I Soundproof My Bedroom?

bedroom soundproofing

Yes, you can soundproof your bedroom, but the effort for doing it depends on several factors.

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Speech Privacy For Professional Counsellors

Therapists, professional counselors

There are many counselling service professionals (professional counsellors, therapists) that need speech privacy in their offices (examination rooms):

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Misleading Green Glue Information

Green Glue & SilentFX

Many people look for solutions to soundproofing problems online, hoping to be able to resolve their problem themselves, without hiring an expert.  This is often difficult, because there are may cases of misleading information published online by soundproofing product manufacturers, such as Green Glue. On the other hand, SilentFX provides good information.

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Six Soundproofing Myths Promoted by a Celebrity Contractor

soundproofing myth,. soundproofing contractor

Mike Holmes is one of Canada’s most respected contractors and TV personalities. He is known by the slogan “Make it right”. I am a fan of his, he really knows renovations and he describes his approach well in his book. He is not a soundproofing contractor, yet, he promotes soundproofing myths.

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Dubious Soundproofing Advice on You Tube

Soundproofing instructions

You Tube provides a huge source of advice videos on any topic, including soundproofing.  The videos you can find are of varied quality, from dubious or ridiculous, to good.  Often it is difficult to recognize the difference.

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Are you renovating? Consider noise control!

Soundproofing & noise control while renovating

If you are doing home renovation as a contractor, or having it done as a homeowner, you need at least to think about soundproofing and noise control.  This aspect of home renovations is usually overlooked, but this is a mistake.

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How much soundproofing do I need?

soundproofing wall

My clients frequently ask this simple question about soundproofing and STC rating.  But the answer is not simple, and needs some explanation.

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Botched Duplex Soundproofing

Quality basement soundproofing

A client called me to help with a duplex soundproofing. When I visited the client, I have discovered a newly renovated duplex house that the client has converted from a single family to a two-story duplex, with apartments on first and second floor. The client had a contractor to build it as a two apartment renovation, expecting to get the soundproofing done to current building code requirements.

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Why soundproofing measures are often disappointing?

Soundproof party wall

There are many reasons why soundproofing fails to provide the expected relief from noise. Here are the two main reasons:

  • Poor quality workmanship.
  • Failure to recognize and treat flanking noise paths.

I will address in this article the issue of flanking noise paths in side-by-side residencies, such as in semi-detached houses or townhouses.

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