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A Dispute Over Sound Attenuation Of Party Wall

Party wall in semidetached house

My recent client owns a semi-detached house, he was renovating it. The renovation was almost completed when I was hired to assess the sound attenuation of the party wall.

The client’s neighbour, on the other side of the party wall, was unhappy with the renovation next door.

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Bungled Basement Soundproofing

Recently, a client retained me to review his basement soundproofing job. Unfortunately, the job was done by his contractor, who was not a specialized soundproofing contractor. As a result, it was bungled.

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Objectionable Basketball Noise From a Neighbour

basketball noise

I have recently received a call from a client complaining about noise from a neighbour’s backyard basketball court. He was looking for advice on how to reduce the noise. Interestingly, the client’s noise problem is not unusual, as illustrated by this CTV news article.

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How to soundproof your house

soundproof a house

If you are building a new house or are doing a major renovation, this article is for you. With attention to details and with little additional cost, you can soundproof your house and build it to be quiet and pleasant. I will outline the main points to making your new house quiet and enjoyable.

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Intractable Mechanical Noise in a Condo

A client, a condominium board, asked me to assess an intractable mechanical noise level in a condominium apartment that is located below a roof-mounted chiller.

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Noise Investigation of Whistling Plumbing Pipes

Noise investigation from plumbing pipes

Recently a client called me to investigate noise in his commercial unit located next to a dentist’s office.  I have had a similar case previously, but this one was different. The noise sounded like an organ pipe whistle.

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Neighborhood Noise From a Roller Coaster

noise nuisance from roller coaster

I am interested in all aspects of acoustics, including neighborhood noise. Occasionally, when I find something very interesting and well presented, I share it in my blog.

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Improving Room Acoustics

Poor room acoustics

Most public spaces, and many work locations and offices have very poor acoustics. Noises in the space just reverberate and appear to be much louder than the original source of the noise.  

Here is an example recorded in a typical coffee shop with poor room acoustics:

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Can architects design a home theater?

Home theater

I am sure some architects do soundproofing for home theater well. However, I was called recently to assess a botched job.

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