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Why Architects Should Work With Acoustical Engineers?

Acoustical engineer in architecture

Many architects believe that they know enough about building acoustics. They think that they do not need help from an acoustical engineers.  Most university programs for architects include lessons about building acoustics. However, this course is not a substitute for an acoustical engineer's knowledge, an expert who specializes in building acoustics.

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Room Acoustics for Ideal Listening Experience

Home Room Acoustics

Music reproduction in a listening room, especially high quality music reproduction, is very complex.  It depends on room acoustics and on many inter-related electromechanical and electronic components, such as:

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Do Architects Have Ears? Room acoustics.

Room acoustics & architectural acoustics

Judging by the poor acoustic quality of many residential and commercial buildings, it appears that architects and builders do not have ears, or at least they do not care about the quality of room acoustics and architectural acoustics.

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