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The website Soundproofing.Expert - Soundproofing Company - Acoustical Engineer - Acoustician - Noise Control Consultant  - Architectural Acoustics - Soundproofing Consultant is operated by Reliable Connections Inc.


We also maintain the website Soundproofing Calculator containing technical information and references in acoustics.

The company’s president Ivan Koval M.A.Sc., P.Eng., has many years of hands-on experience in telephony, acoustics, sound reproduction, soundproofing, architectural acoustics, project management, and construction. The company provides consulting services in soundproofing and architectural and building acoustics.

Our approach to soundproofing

We follow evidence-based approach, and we always provide references identifying sources of our information:

  • First, we determine the customer’s needs for soundproofing or acoustical treatment.
  • Second, we look for partition assemblies that provide the required level of sound attenuation. We always look at test data for assemblies that are provided by reputable acoustical testing laboratories.
  • Third, we look for ways to minimize flanking noise transfer. For this, we use the latest information provided by National Research Council of Canada.
  • Fourth, we ensure that soundproofing construction is done to the highest quality to achieve the desired results.  We are independent consultants.  The client's objectives are our only consideration. We treat our customers like family!

Note that a free quote from a construction contractor, even a soundproofing contractor, is not a substitute for a professional soundproofing consultation.

Accreditation and Memberships

Member, Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), authorized to provide engineering services.
Assoc. Member, Acoustical Society of America
Member, Canadian Acoustical Association
Member, ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials)
Assoc. Member, Toronto Building Managers & Operators Association (TBMOA)
Assoc. Member, ASHRAE

Our Postal Address: Reliable Connections Inc., 3200 Dufferin Street, Suite 18B-324, Toronto Ontario M6A 0A1, Canada

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