Acoustic Comfort at Fogo Island Inn

Acoustic comfort at Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn is an unparalleled contemporary inn located on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. The inn was designed and built as a luxury hotel, with guests’ comfort being one of its primary design objectives. This article is a description of Fogo Island Inn’s acoustic comfort design features.

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Soundproof Windows Allow Passage of Air. Is It Possible?

Soundproof windows - concept

On occasion I like to bring to our readers’ attention new developments in acoustics and soundproofing that are often under-reported in media. This time I came across an interesting development – soundproof windows that allow passage of air for fresh air ventilation.

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Star Wars and Advances in Soundproofing

Star Wars and Advances in Soundproofing

Everyone is excited about the latest episode of Star Wars, a science fiction movie. However, few people notice real scientific advances, such as advances in soundproofing, too fantastic for even Star Wars movie to contemplate.

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What Home Buyers Should Know About Sound Insulation

soundproof a house

Whether you are building a new house, or are looking to buy a new house or a resale house, you need to know few things about sound insulation and soundproofing. This knowledge can spare you of future headaches (literally) after you move into your new house.

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New NBC Requirement For Apparent Sound Transmission Class

Apparent Sound Transmission Class in NBC

New release of the Canadian National Building Code (NBC) has become effective early in 2016. This release of the code contains a significant change, and an improvement, in requirement for minimum soundproofing between dwelling units.

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Why to make noise tests for soundproofing?

Noise measurements

Anyone who has a noise problem in his home knows about it, he can hear it. He may think that noise tests are not necessary. However, the assessment of the problem by the suffering homeowner is subjective.

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Soundproofing and Carbon Emissions Reduction Go Hand in Hand

Acoustical engineer can help improve soundproofing and reduce emissions

The effort to meet new carbon emission goals includes reducing thermal losses from buildings. Retrofit effort to improve thermal insulation is a perfect opportunity, with the help of an acoustical engineer, to also improve soundproofing for acoustically sensitive spaces, with very little additional cost.

UN climate change Summit (COP 21) in Paris was completed on 7-8 December 2015. 196 countries had gathered to decide whether or not to commit to a low carbon future in a legally binding way.

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How to Soundproof a Wall in a Semi-Detached House.

Quality townhouse soundproofing

This article is written for an owner of a semi-detached house, a semi-detached home, a townhouse or a row house, who is bothered by a noisy next door neighbour. The article explains how to soundproof a wall, the party (demising) wall between neighbours. You do not need to keep suffering; your problem can be fixed.

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Room Acoustics for Ideal Listening Experience

Home Room Acoustics

Music reproduction in a listening room, especially high quality music reproduction, is very complex.  It depends on room acoustics and on many inter-related electromechanical and electronic components, such as:

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Soundproofing Company – The Specialist in Noise Control

Soundproofing company

The vast majority of builders and general contractors do not have the specialized knowledge required for soundproofing (sometimes also called noise proofing) to be done properly. An acoustics consultant should guide a specialized soundproofing company to make sure the job gets done right.

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