Why Architects Should Work With Acoustical Engineers?

Acoustical engineer in architecture

Many architects believe that they know enough about building acoustics. They think that they do not need help from an acoustical engineers.  Most university programs for architects include lessons about building acoustics. However, this course is not a substitute for an acoustical engineer's knowledge, an expert who specializes in building acoustics.

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Intractable Mechanical Noise in a Condo

A client, a condominium board, asked me to assess an intractable mechanical noise level in a condominium apartment that is located below a roof-mounted chiller.

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Noise Investigation of Whistling Plumbing Pipes

Noise investigation from plumbing pipes

Recently a client called me to investigate noise in his commercial unit located next to a dentist’s office.  I have had a similar case previously, but this one was different. The noise sounded like an organ pipe whistle.

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Neighborhood Noise From a Roller Coaster

noise nuisance from roller coaster

I am interested in all aspects of acoustics, including neighborhood noise. Occasionally, when I find something very interesting and well presented, I share it in my blog.

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Dubious Soundproofing Advice on You Tube

Soundproofing instructions

You Tube provides a huge source of advice videos on any topic, including soundproofing.  The videos you can find are of varied quality, from dubious or ridiculous, to good.  Often it is difficult to recognize the difference.

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Are you renovating? Consider noise control!

Soundproofing & noise control while renovating

If you are doing home renovation as a contractor, or having it done as a homeowner, you need at least to think about soundproofing and noise control.  This aspect of home renovations is usually overlooked, but this is a mistake.

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How much soundproofing do I need?

soundproofing wall

My clients frequently ask this simple question about soundproofing and STC rating.  But the answer is not simple, and needs some explanation.

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A Neighbour Complains About Your Piano Playing

Complaints about piano playing

I have recently received a call from a client looking for solution to her problem.  She lives in a condo apartment and her neighbour is complaining about piano playing in her apartment.  She already did some soundproofing, but complaints continue.

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Botched Duplex Soundproofing

Quality basement soundproofing

A client called me to help with a duplex soundproofing. When I visited the client, I have discovered a newly renovated duplex house that the client has converted from a single family to a two-story duplex, with apartments on first and second floor. The client had a contractor to build it as a two apartment renovation, expecting to get the soundproofing done to current building code requirements.

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Condominium Buyers, Beware of Noise!

Noise causing curtain wall

People looking to buy a condominium apartment expect that the apartment will be quiet and pleasant to enjoy.  They have this expectation about noise especially if the condominium is expensive. Often, they are disappointed.

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