Can architects design a home theater?

Home theater

I am sure there are some architects that do soundproofing for home theater well. However, I was called recently to assess a botched job.

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Can Subway Noise in Your House be Reduced?

subway noise

Clients often ask me: can subway noise that I hear in my house be reduced? The answer is not simple, and usually not what the client wants to hear.

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Can Windows Be Soundproofed?

Soundproof windows, noise reducing windows are possible

As I discuss repeatedly in my blog articles, there is no such thing as perfect soundproofing, or soundproof windows. Windows cannot be made “sound proof”, however effective window noise reduction treatment is available.

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Taming noise complaints in Toronto condominiums

Condominium noise complaints

New condominiums are sprouting all over Toronto like giant mushrooms. With “intensification” of residences, more and more people live in close proximity to each other, in many cases literally on top of each other. This creates many noise issues and conflicts among neighbors.

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How soundproofing works?

Analogy of soundproofing

When we construct a soundproof partition wall, building materials are assembled in in ways that maximize sound attenuation of the wall. We accomplish soundproofing objectives by taking advantage of physical properties of materials.

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Can Soundproofing Be Tested?

Acoustical testing

The short answer is "yes", a longer answer is "it depends". Factors involved in decision about sound attenuation test or any acoustical testing are outlined in this article.

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How to Soundproof a Door

Soundproof a door

Doors are an important part of any wall assembly, exterior or interior. Doors are also typically the acoustically weakest part of a wall partition and the question how to soundproof a door is often asked.

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Condominium Noise Complaints – Buyers Beware.

condominium noise complaints

People who have lived in apartments or condominiums are familiar with noise created by other occupants of the building and likely have experience with condominium noise complaints. However, homeowners downsizing from houses to condominiums are often surprised by noise that they did not experience while living in a detached house.

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Artificial photosynthesis produces fuel

Artificial photosynthesis in the lab

Reader be aware, this article has nothing to do with acoustics, or soundproofing. I can’t resist, the engineer within me is excited about new developments that could have a profound impact on humanity. I need to share my excitement, and my blog is the vehicle.

A recent article in MIT Technology Review describes an exciting new development in clean, carbon emissions free fuel.

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A Naturally Soundproof Music Venue

Music venue noise control and noise exposure

Noise control

Appropriate building site selection is important to effective noise control and to minimizing environmental noise [1]. This is important for both, noise entering a building from the outside, and for noise from the inside of the building disturbing neighbours.

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