Star Wars and Advances in Soundproofing

Star Wars and Advances in Soundproofing

Everyone is excited about the latest episode of Star Wars, a science fiction movie. However, few people notice real scientific advances, such as advances in soundproofing, too fantastic for even Star Wars movie to contemplate.


Elsewhere in my blog I emphasize that soundproofing is an oxymoron, it can never be perfect. New scientific advances may prove me wrong. It has just been announced that scientists discovered advances in soundproofing, a new material that could lead to virtually perfect soundproofing, also called (mainly in UK) sound proofing. The new soundproofing could dramatically reduce the amount of material that is presently required to make a room soundproof.

Advances in Soundproofing Science

Not only can this material be used to create perfectly soundproof wall assemblies, it has a unique property. The new material passes sound only in one direction and it stops sound flowing in opposite direction. The researches, based in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, say that this new material can lead to devices that manipulate sound in a way that was so far impossible to achieve. Completely new field of technology, thus far not imaginable, could develop from this discovery.

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