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Soundproofing Simulation

Hire an independent Toronto soundproofing service to ensure  your project complies with specifications and get our engineering expertise working for you. We treat our customers like family!

Hire a specialized soundproofing company for your soundproofing construction project andget our specialized expertise working for yo

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COVID-19 UPDATE: The Soundproofing Expert respects your safety and health.  During this unprecedented pandemic we optionally offer virtual site visit and advice for your noise issues.  Our Professional Engineer, a building acoustics expert, will guide you through your soundproofing inspection via phone, videophone or photographs.  He will then prepare a detailed soundproofing proposal that can be implemented by any contractor or a skilled handyman.   We can solve most of your noise problems! Be skeptical of advice and quotes by contractors who are not licensed engineers.

Toronto soundproofing simulation expert, P. Eng., will verify sound attenuation of your wall, floor or window assembly to ensure that your soundproofing is done right.

Our acoustical consultant (P. Eng.) uses the latest simulation tool to predict sound attenuation (STC) and impact noise reduction (IIC) of onstruction assemblies to meet your acoustic requirements.

Do you have a question about building acoustics?
Free 15 minute phone or email consultation.

Sound insulation test

Sound insulation test

My guarantee: If I am unable to provide you with at least one proposal for resolving your noise or soundproofing problem, there will be no charge.

Where we help.

  • New construction
  • Renovation

  • Condominium
  • Private office
  • Music room
  • Home theatre
  • Basement apartment
  • bedroom
  • Any room
Soundproof ceiling

Ceiling Soundproofing

Acoustical Simulation Service

  • If you do a construction project that requires acoustical consultant's expertise in building acoustics and soundproofing, we can help.
  • We have the acoustical simulation tools and skills to provide recommendations based on the needs of our customers, including level of soundproofing that will meet their requirements.
  • If you do a construction project that requires acoustical expertise, we can help.
  • We ensure that our construction is of the highest quality and will provide simulation results to meet building code or special requirements.
Soundproof floor

Floor Soundproofing

We are experts in soundproofing simulation

No other consultant in Toronto and the GTA can offer you a better set of engineering capabilities dedicated to getting your job done correctly and meeting your specific acoustic or soundproofing requirements, at the right price:

Free, no obligation telephone or email chat with our acoustical consultant

We help customers identify their problem to determine whether or not our help is needed in the first place.

Site inspection and identification of your key soundproofing problem areas

We perform a site survey, followed by a customer soundproofing needs analysis and we document our findings in writing.

Detailed proposal, plan and a quote for completing your construction project

Site-specific soundproofing, design and recommendations by acoustical consultant.

Quality construction with emphasis on soundproofing and acoustics

Complete design and turn-key implementation of soundproofing construction or renovation by soundproofing company.

Inspection during construction for quality workmanship

We perform inspections to ensure soundproofing construction quality.

Before and after soundproofing evaluation test

We perform sound transmission loss testing on site before and after construction to quantify the improvement.


Who will visit our job site?

How are you different from other contractors?

Who is your acoustics and soundproofing consultant?

Do you charge for the initial visit and consultation?

How you field test soundproofing?

What obligation do I have to follow through if I contact you?

Wall noise reduction test

Wall Soundproofing

My guarantee: If I am unable to provide you with at least one proposal for resolving your noise or soundproofing problem, there will be no charge.

         Wow, am I glad I found Ivan. We had some significant noise issues in our basement apartment. He has both the theoretical background and the practical building know-how to provide good suggestions to solve your sound problems.

 - Liam O'H., Toronto

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Our exclusive offer includes:

  • Free, no obligation 15 minute telephone or email chat with our soundproofing consultant (P. Eng.).
  • Optional  site inspection and identification of your key soundproofing problem areas, including the level of soundproofing that will meet your requirements.
  • Written simulation report by our Consultant with soundproofing recommendations specific to your requirements.
  • High quality Simulation of your exact wall, floor or window assemblies.