Soundproof Windows Allow Passage of Air. Is It Possible?

Soundproof windows - concept

On occasion I like to bring to our readers’ attention new developments in acoustics and soundproofing that are often under-reported in media. This time I came across an interesting development – soundproof windows that allow passage of air for fresh air ventilation.


Soundproof windows let fresh air in

Researchers have built a window that allows the passage of air but not sound. This is seemingly an impossible feat. By careful utilization of resonance properties of cavities, the researches have achieved just that – soundproof windows that allow the passage of light and air, but significantly attenuates sounds over certain frequency range.

For full description how this marvelous invention of soundproof windows that allow passage of air works, read the article at MIT Technology Review: Redesigned Windows Stops Sound But Not Air.

Applications for soundproof windows

There are many potential applications for this invention; perhaps the most important is elimination of air-conditioning in buildings to achieve energy savings. Buildings located in noisy environments (near an airport, or busy highway, for example) cannot use windows for fresh air ventilation due to excessive noise. Therefore, the building requires expensive air-conditioning and ventilation system. If the soundproof windows allow for ventilation, usage of air-conditioning could be reduced, or in some climates even eliminated.

Another application, for example, is equipment noise control in factories. It is often desirable to build a soundproof partition around noisy machinery that would allow for light, as well as for air ventilation, but stop noise. This new invention will make it possible.

There is one problem with this invention, however. It is not yet commercially available. In the meantime, if you need windows that attenuate noise effectively, you must use conventional technology. I am always ready to help you selecting the right soundproof windows for your application.

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