Artificial photosynthesis produces fuel

Artificial photosynthesis in the lab

Reader be aware, this article has nothing to do with acoustics, or soundproofing. I can’t resist, the engineer within me is excited about new developments that could have a profound impact on humanity. I need to share my excitement, and my blog is the vehicle.

A recent article in MIT Technology Review describes an exciting new development in clean, carbon emissions free fuel.


Artifical Photosynthesis

The new development is in artificial photosynthesis. An effort to imitate photosynthesis in the lab has been going on for decades with very limited success. With the emergence of nanotechnology and genetically engineered bacteria, a new approach to lab created photosynthesis becames possible. Not only can the new device, powered by sunlight, capture the sun’s energy, it can directly produce hydrocarbon products that can be used for fuel production and for manufacturing of plastics. In essence, this device creates an artificial crude oil, similar to fossil based oil that took millions of years to form naturally in the earth’s crust. If this development, and its huge potential benefits for mankind, is not exiting to a science buff, I do not know what is.

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